a range of
assertive champagnes

Our ingredients come together
with tenderness,
delicacy and refinement

Firm favourites, with approachable flavours to suit any event. These champagnes are non-vintage, so express a consistent style from one year to the next, and perfectly symbolise the notion of blending in Champagne: blending of grape varieties and blending of vintages.


Elegance emerges
from precision

This unique and inimitable style, specific to Haton champagnes, unfurls in a kaleidoscope of nuances, allowing each cuvée to express a distinct personality. Sébastien Haton and his team work in the cellar to bring together a variety of components in perpetual motion: blending grape varieties with the multitude of facets they express, from one terroir to another, blending vintages, with their own characteristics at each harvest.

A multitude of facets
from one terroir to another

To retain the spirit of each cuvée, the team must constantly adjust its composition. The proportions in each description are therefore approximate and may vary slightly from one vintage to the next.

The Haton family chooses to age its wines in the cellar for longer than official requirements (at least 2-3 years for the Elegance collection and up to 8 years for the Extra collection). This gives the wines incomparable aromatic character, invigorated with appealing freshness.

Chapter II
Skills and techniques