Champagne Haton

Perfect mastery

Elegance emerges
from precision

Haton produces a range of assertive champagnes with timeless style. Champagnes full of meaning that express real emotion. Essential cuvées that promise intense sharing experiences. This unique and inimitable style, specific to Haton champagnes, unfurls in a kaleidoscope of nuances, allowing each cuvée to express a distinct personality.

Discover the expressions

A range of
assertive champagnes

All the complexity, elegance and subtlety of the Champagne region.

Discover the expressions
Blanc de Blancs
Noble Vintage
Brut Intense Extra Grand Cru
Rosé Extra Grand Cru
Blanc de Blancs Extra Grand Cru
Vintage Extra

Élégance range

Cuvée Classic

Cuvée Réserve

Cuvée Rosé

Excellence range

Cuvée Pure

Cuvée Blanc de Blancs

Cuvée Noble Vintage

Extra range

Cuvée Brut Intense Extra Grand Cru

Cuvée Rosé Extra Grand Cru

Cuvée Blanc de Blancs Extra Grand Cru

Cuvée Vintage Extra

with a multitude
of micro-terroirs and grape varieties

Haton tends 60 hectares of vines (including 45 hectares of its own), mainly spread over six villages in the Vallée de la Marne:Damery, Hautvillers (Premier Cru), Cumières (Premier Cru), Boursault, Fleury la Rivière, Vauciennes, and Cuchery.

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are precise,
the details controlled,
the choices determined

While mastering the art of blending is essential in Champagne, at Haton the team applies the same rule to the art of patience, the art of time. Time for the aromas settle in and express themselves, time to allow the effervescence to mature. In search of the perfect balance, Jean-Noël and Sébastien place particular importance on mastering their wines’ ageing process.


Perpetuating a well-honed
sense of detail

Like skilled artisans, Sébastien and Jean-Noël Haton seek out just the right balance.

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